We are creating a more secure digital world

Enhance your programming skills

Learn how to write more secure programs.

Win CTF Competitions

Hone your skills to win CTF competitions from top universities and organizations.

Learn to attack and defend

Learn the tools and methodologies used by hackers to better protect yourself.

Opening the doorway to an industry with many job opportunities

"Cybersecurity Talent Crunch To Create 3.5 Million Unfilled Jobs Globally by 2021" - Cybercrime Magazine "82 percent of employers report a shortage of cybersecurity skill" - Center of Strategic and International Studies


Intro Courses


Intermediate Courses

Cracking the Cloud

Discerning Data From Forensics

Basic Analysis of Binaries

Programs available in 2020 linked above; others coming soon!

Courses are intended for high-school students, though middle school students also welcome!

Program Structure

12 Lecture Hours Per Course

12 60-minute online sessions on Saturday and Sunday, including 2 dedicated lab weeks. Offered Summer 2020 for middle and high-schoolers.

Heavily Practical Online Labs

Courses are heavily practical, with 3 online labs for every session, and more on the dedicated lab weeks. Materials and access to offsite labs available for absent students.

Mini Competition

The online labs are a mini-CTF competition with teams and a top-10 leaderboard, with many final challenges in the last two weeks.


Gavin Lo

Founder and President of Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Academy

LinkedIn | GitHub

Georgia Institute of Technology 2019-2022, Majoring in Computer Science

Hello everyone, I am the founder and president of SVCSA. I am a current CS student at Georgia Tech who is very passionate about cybersecurity. When I was 14, I completed a Coursera certification on Software Security, where I have been invited to become one of their mentors and stayed ever since. At 15, I completed the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification, a renowned industry certification in Cybersecurity. I later moved on to compete in CTFs, where I have won 1st place in the Mitre CTF, a team event, as a single-contestant team, 1st place in the Lockheed Martin Cyber Grand Challenge, an individual competition, as a freshman in college, and various places in other competitions with the Georgia Tech school team. I'm currently learning malware analysis through research at the CyFi lab.

As I haven't been able to find many exceptional CTFers during my high school years, I hope to help others in high school into the rapidly-growing field of cybersecurity with SVCSAcademy.

My CTF specialties are web exploitation and reverse engineering, though I am a decent jack-of-all-trades.

Tillson Galloway

Founder of Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Academy


Georgia Institute of Technology 2018-2022, Majoring in Computer Science

Hi everyone, I'm lecturing with Gavin this summer. I'm a Georgia Tech undergraduate studying Computer Science and researching network security.

I got hooked on CTFs in middle school and eventually was the captain of a Cyber-Defense team in high-school. I was lucky to be able to get involved so early on, and security has shaped my career for over eight years. I'm passionate about abstractions, teaching, and solving fun computational problems. I am a villain on the Palmetto Cyber-Defense Competition Red Team, and last summer interned on the New Relic Security team. In my spare time, I hunt bug bounties and play guitar.